Friday, March 21, 2014

February in Oaxaca: Colors

I was lucky to escape the Polar Vortex this winter for 8 days and nights, and to once again visit Oaxaca. While the food, friends, and temperatures were a highlight, it was being in a landscape that wasn't monochromatic that did me as much good as anything. This was a winter that left so many of us feeling trapped, physically and mentally. And I also felt trapped visually. Being in a place where color was so enmeshed in the everyday did my soul a lot of good.

Here's some of what we saw. There will be more to come.
Market crochet samples
Carvings in La Union
La Union brickyard
Oaxacan embroidered shirt 
Sweet baby of a bookmark vendor
Young plants in a greenhouse
No explanation needed
Al fresco chess tournament on Oaxaca's zocolo


Sherri said...

Amazing photos! It was fun to follow on IG too!

Sallie B. said...

Beautiful-so warm and bright! Seeing the photos warms my heart. I'm glad you got such a lovely break.

Linzee said...

Thanks Sallie and Sherri. I find Mexico so inspiring! And yes, Sherri, you'll likely see a few duplicates here from my Instagram account. The photos I got with my phone seemed nearly as good as the ones I got with my big SLR.

Carolyn Strandberg said...

I hope you brought home that beautiful blue embroidered shirt to wear!