Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baby Sewing Machines

After delaying a trip to Minnesota due to the weather, I got brave and drove north to visit my aunt. She's about to turn 87 and I wanted to wish her Happy Birthday in person. She's an amazing person—still so enthusiastic about life and willing to try new things. 

She saw that the local guild was sponsoring a quilt show and off we went. There were some lovely quilts, but one of my favorite things was a sewing machine display. 

The woman who owned the machines had bunches of books identifying and dating the machines and enjoyed talking with people who came up to share stories of their own antique machines. 

I was especially taken by the toy machines. She told me that while many of them were created for children, they all actually sewed and were sometimes used by women when they traveled. I loved the decorative elements on the machines—one even had mother-of-pearl inlay. I've bid at auctions on a few small machines, but never been willing to shell out the big bucks for one...after seeing this display, I may change my mind.


Karen said...

Oh aren't those amazing!?! I just love seeing those tiny machines almost as much as the gorgeous floral paint on the treadle machines - so much detail!

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Very old.. I like it..

Glenn Williams said...

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Laura said...

Yep, as an oldgy fogey, I can attest to the fact that we used these back in the day. I remember my grandmother had one of those small sewing machines and she used it to sew on a long train trip we took in the 1960s. I haven't seen these in awhile, and I'd love to own one. What type of auctions have you found them at?