Thursday, May 19, 2016

Kalona Quilt Show: A Visual Tour

April 28 was the opening of the annual quilt show in Kalona. It's a mix of old and new quilts, and the old ones are definitely the thing that turns my head.
Though there seemed to be fewer this year, there were still a few knock-outs. Unlike years past (here and here), no purchases were made, but it was an enjoyable evening nonetheless. I went with my friend Kristin, who has a much better appreciation and eye for the quilting. I was grateful for her perspective because my attraction to color and pattern often overrides my notice of how much quilting adds (or detracts) from the overall piece.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here are some of the highlights...
Appliqué"Daisy," year unknown

Pineapple. year unknown (this was my favorite of the show)
Churn Dash, 1900s
Pickle Dish, 1940s
A signature quilt—forgot to take a photo of the information card. Thought the colors were so unusual
Hole in the Barn Door, 1880 to 1900s (This was Kristin's favorite)
Top left: Hearts and Gizzards, 1880s, and bottom right: Bow Tie—unusual to see blocks set this way

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