Friday, December 13, 2013

Me and O

I try not to bore you with a tale of every article and blog post I write, but I do have to share that while I was at the grocery store on Wednesday evening I came across the January issue of O magazine, and in it is a story written by....ME!
Yup, I've been pretty excited about this for some time, now, but had to keep it under my hat. I pitched the article and it was accepted in August. I'd thought for some time that the Days for Girls story I'd written for Stitch and Quilt Country needed to be told to a wider audience, but I just couldn't decide where. My sister has a subscription to O and when I read the copy she'd left at our cabin this summer I realized it would be the perfect place to tell that story. Turns out it was. They did a lovely job with the layout, headlines, and caption.

As happy as I am to have a clip from O, I'm also thrilled that Days for Girls is getting the publicity that comes with coverage in a magazine whose circulation is 2.7 million (and that's just the paid readership—think how many people pick it up at the dentist's office or hair salon). I just love it when my writing does some good for someone or something good!


Brenda said...

congratulations! that is the big time!

Suze said...

So good to see this worthy project in O! Molly brought her kits to our quilt retreat last spring, we helped her assemble 25 kits. It is a huge effort, so proud Molly chose that to do at retreat. Glad we could help and now I am making personal care bags for a local women's shelter using the Days for Girls pattern!
Suze--Molly's Mom

Linzee said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies. Suze, you should know that Molly is the reason I know about Days for Girls in the first place! When she made those kits at your retreat she posted a photo on Instagram and I saw it and asked her about it. Since then I've written about them three times and Molly helped another neighbor and I host a Days for Girls sewing day at Home Ec Workshop. We just sent 20 of the kits we made that day to an orphanage in Haiti. You should be very proud of Molly—her initial efforts really led to all this publicity for the organization. And so great you're making those items for your local shelter, too! Merry Christmas!