Monday, April 1, 2013

Color and Texture: Spain

Walkway in Ronda
I had the great good fortune of accompanying my husband to a meeting in Southern Spain last week. We spent nine days visiting Malaga, Seville, Granada, and Ronda (part of that was meeting-time, of course, but I didn't have to go to the meeting). The opportunity to go on these trips reminds me of what's good about freelancing and a flexible schedule...

Dresses in the Paul Nunez shop in Seville
The Moorish influence in this region (Andalusia) meant lots of beautiful tile work that I knew would remind me of quilts. What I didn't know was that the streets and sidewalks would all be beautifully patterned with rocks. Seriously, I don't think I walked on a solid surface the entire time.

Sidewalk in Nerja
 The other thing we didn't know was that it was Holy Week, or Semana Santa. The frightening-looking costumes belong not to a race-based organization, but are Nazarenes. The other stunning thing were the floats featuring life-sized, wood-carved Biblical scenes decorated with incredible silver and embroidered textiles, that were carried through the streets, sometimes for hours. The young man below is one of those carrying a float.

Hope you enjoy these!
Float carrier takes a break during a procession in Malaga
Nazarenes in Malaga procession
Nazarenes in Malaga procession
Float of the Virgin Mary being carried through the streets in Malaga
Malaga float detail
Will it rain? Float carrier in Malaga wonders
Nazarenes in Granada
Detail from the Alhambra in Granada
Arches in the Alhambra in Granada
View through the Ronda city walls
Granada windows
Shawl shop in Seville
Traditional Spanish dresses in Seville shop
Shawl detail: hand embroidered
Sevilla detail 
Sidewalk in Seville
Floor in Seville
Seville garden
Seville tile


Lizzie said...

You're making me jealous... I spent a lovely week in Mijas, just up the hill from Malaga/Fuengirola, in January 2012; I was working at the studio of Mariann Johansen-Ellis, a printmaker and artist, who has printmaking courses at her studio from time to time. I learned loads and loved it so much, that I went back in the Autumn, with my husband and son. We explored a bit of the local area, but it was poor weather, so some of our plans were curtailed... I so want to return and see Granada, Sevilla, Ronda and more of the area...

But it was great to see your lovely photos and read a bit about your own adventures. Looks like the weather was pretty good too.
A lot of inspiration and ideas in those pictures too!

Nita said...

Oh, how I would love to see all that in person! Thanks for sharing your trip!

Sallie B. said...

What a wonderful opportunity! Thank you for sharing it with us in words and pictures.

PamKittyMorning said...

I enjoyed your pictures. Bret and I honeymooned in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, but the place I loved best was Granada Spain. We went in August though, holy crap it was hot. Looks much nicer in your photos!

Anonymous said...

Great post on Spain & your beautiful trip. BK

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words!