Tuesday, August 7, 2012

And the winner is...

Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments and the memories you shared. The winner is BBB, chosen by random number selected by my husband.

BBB, send me your address and I'll whisk that book into the mail. Kind of hate to give it up!

(The image above is from the site of Oilcloth by the Yard, an another great oilcloth purveyor. I met owner Anna Marino at Quilt Market a few years ago and loved the stock she carried—fantastic selection. And her daughter, Sage, has a YouTube video on how to make a splat mat with oilcloth—pretty cute.)

If you're a new reader, I  hope you'll come back to Pearl the Squirrel on occasion. And thanks again for taking the time to write. Sorry I couldn't give you all a prize!


BBB said...

THANK YOU!!! Just got the email (forgot I linked to my facebook account and the email went to the "other" category that is hidden...so silly) Sorry for the delay--I emailed you!


Deanne Fitzpatrick said...

Linzee, thank you for the article in Magic Patch. I have it prominently displayed in my studio. I enjoy your blog too!