Thursday, March 1, 2012

Going head-to-head over buttons

Shell buttons
If you've arrived here from my Etsy post on button competitions, you might enjoy seeing a few more photos that I took when I visited button collectors Kareen and Barb. I love people who are obsessive and these two women are definitely all about buttons. The walls of every room in Kareen's home were decorated with framed trays of buttons she'd entered in competitions, as well as trays still "under construction."
Moonglow buttons

Sorting buttons: note pill bottles for storage
Carefully categorized buttons
A tray of sewing-related buttons
Buttons are mounted with plastic-covered copper wire
Framed tray of jet buttons
The great thing about collections is that by tweaking what one collects just a bit, there is always something new to search for. These women had tremendous knowledge about the buttons they loved. Thanks for sharing your buttons and know-how, Barb and Kareen.


Lisa said...

Thanks for this interesting article..I ran into a button collector at a quilt show I was a vendor at. I learned so much from this person, and she loved showing and teaching me about her button trays she completed for competition. I ended up purchasing more buttons from her than I made selling my jewelry! I just couldn't stay away. Button collectors, like all collectors are truly passionate about their collection, and provide a great history lesson too!


Lucky you to see such a fabulous collection! I too am always amazed by the history of the button aswell as all the amazing crafts created using buttons - thank you again for a great informative article!