Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Much to Be Thankful For

A year ago just now, we were in a car accident. While the car was totaled, we were ultimately just fine. A few months before that I required surgery. And I was ultimately just fine. Though last year was challenging, I was one grateful gal on Thanksgiving 2010.

There have been some low points this year—funny how you just can't squeak by without a downturn or two—but I continue to be grateful for all that I have: Smart, funny, loving daughters and a husband who is my best bud; extended family who cares; friends who support me when I need it and accept support when they do and who also play with me; work that fulfills me; an exhilarating new sport—the list goes on and I am so lucky it does!

Whether you're enjoying some much needed solitude or thrilled to be surrounded by a crush of revelers, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Cheers!

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Lizzie said...

Hello, found you via your great post on Etsy - about Tanja Hollander's interesting FB project - and because you were kind enough to visit my shop and "favourite" some of my ribbon flowers!
I like your blog - I think I'll come back again soon.
And I can relate to the feelings following an accident/injury. I had a fall about 3 years ago, which left me with a back injury. It took a while to recover and I've had a lot of mixed feelings and emotions to cope with over the last three years. I'm just about recovered now - only minor problems, which I can deal with. Something like that really makes you stop and take stock of your life - what really matters, what you really want to do and what is not important after all. I hope you are recovered now and that 2012 will be your best year yet!