Sunday, October 16, 2011

Heading to Tahoe

I'm off on what has become an annual (year one and year two) Lake Tahoe retreat. It is with both excitement and fear that I leave—fear because there are plenty of undone things, but excitement because I'm actually going to sew for an extended period of time...can't wait!

And I also can't wait to see my quilting buddies, who are moving from the category of new acquaintances to longtime friends.

I spent last Saturday finishing up my witch blocks and can't wait to see what the others have come up with. I'll share them with you soon! Have a great week.


A Vintage Green said...

Hi Linzee, I was doing a search for flour sack fabric and found your Etsy article on that topic. I have put a link to your article and also your blog on the post I am writing for Tuesday about flour sack fabric tablecloth. I hope that is ok with you.
- Joy

Anonymous said...

Have fun at Lake Tahoe, Your witches look great. BK