Monday, May 9, 2011

Feed Sacks, Continued

Thought those of you who read the Etsy feed sack post might enjoy a few more photos: The exhibit was sensational and Mike Zahs knows so much...I kept encouraging him to write it down, because it will be a shame if his extensive knowledge is lost. He's obsessive, in the best possible way, and one thing I really loved was that he so admires the women who used every last bit to make sure their families were clothed and comfortable. He's even got a doily crocheted from the strings used to hold feed sacks closed.

Enjoy, and plan a visit to Ainsworth the last weekend of 2012!

This piece contains 561 squares of 134 different sacks.

Feed sack from the 1950s with sailor doll. Sew, stuff, and enjoy.

The Corn of Tomorrow, Today
Border prints above. Some of Zah's 31 new feed sacks below.

One crate full from Zah's collection. He has nearly 50 crates.
Three colorways of a single feed sack pattern
A book of feed sack sewing ideas
A fantastic spider web quilt made with solid and striped sacks
Ainsworth Opera House: tables set for lunch and dinner meal served as a fundraiser


Diane said...

I am salivating over these feedsacks.
Does he sell any? I'm repairing a quilt top made by my maternal grandmother in the 50's. Mostly feedsack material joined with the yummy pinkyorange color. One black has some damaged areas where the fabric has frayed and is pulling away. I'd love to replace those pieces before we hand quilt it. Please send me his contact info! And thanks for a great blog!! Diane Dornberger

Anonymous said...

Great post Linzee

Jody S in Iowa

A Cup of Sparkle said...

Hi Linzee, I just discovered your lovely blog from the Etsy page. Congratulations on your feature.

fabriquefantastique said...

Must have missed your etsy post (read it just now) I once had a delightful feedsack that was stamped with a child's smocked touching, one of my favorites.