Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sewing in fits and starts

On my stitching radar for quite some time was the Birdie Sling I'd promised my niece Anna for Christmas. Since she's in Virginia and I'm in the Midwest, I had her go to to pick out the three different fabrics needed for the bag. I had her do this well before the holidays, fully intending to have it finished in time for her to open it on the day.

Instead, Anna got a card with little snippets of fabric attached. (She chose a fabric from Amy Butler's Midwest Modern 2 for the handle and two from her Lotus line for the bag interior and exterior.) And it's taken me more than a month past Christmas to actually complete it. But I did a little bit over a couple of nights and last weekend and it's done.

This is the second Birdie Sling I've made for Anna. Her first was a high school graduation gift and she seemed to love and definitely used it. Last summer she sent me a photo of the now threadbare bag, asking if I could repair it. I told her it would be just the thing for Christmas.

Because she uses it so much, I decided to use the fusible fleece throughout the bag, instead of just in the exterior layer as I've done with some of them. This is the fifth I've made (others are here, here, Anna's original here, and here) and I've got an "order" for one more. Don't hold your breath, Rebecca, I don't seem to be able to whip these out very quickly!

Now my goal is to make sure Anna gets her Birdie Sling before Valentine's Day! (I did throw in a little something to help make up for the delay...hope she remembers to check the pockets.)

Addendum: I've heard back from Anna, who not only sounds quite happy with her bag, but told me that her friends were "fawning" over it (loved that she used that word)! One of them even asked if I'd be willing to make her one, too. Very sweet, I must say, even though I'm not able to go into production mode just now.


Anonymous said...

Very nice Linzee - We're proud of you! - BK

knitbysue said...

I have been inspired to go out and purchased the Birdie Sling pattern after reading your blog.

I noticed today the pattern is specifying a woven fusible interfacing. I would be interested in knowing why you are choosing to put in a fusible fleece instead. I'm wondering if I'm missing something? Sue

Linzee said...

Hi KnitbySue:

Checked out your knitting groups while searching for your email address...beautiful!!!

The pattern actually calls for fusible fleece--1/2 yd. for either fabric weight. I used it on the first Birdie Sling I made, but I think just in the main body of the bag. Another friend made the bag without any, but I liked the "body" it gives. On this bag I used it throughout. It's a little stiff, but I thought it might help with all the wear my niece will give the Birdie Sling...I think she carries books in it. Let me know if that's not clear. Cheers!

knitbysue said...

Hi Linzee, Thank you for your reply. It looks as though signing in through a Google account might not make my email visible. I'll try contacting you....