Monday, June 14, 2010

Playing catch up

Playing, because when I finally sat down to sew again after along hiatus, I was reminded how much fun it is. Catch up, because I finally caught up on a quilt that I started more than a year ago.

I did the quilting over Memorial Day weekend. I agonized over adding something more elaborate, perhaps some free motion flowers where the lines of quilting intersect, but then opted to call it a day at the large diagonal squares—it had taken so long to get this close to finishing that I didn't want to push my luck. I do like the look of quilting that's a bit denser than this, however.

I did choose to put some time into sewing strips together to make the variegated binding, which I'm quite happy with. Sewing on binding is such a pleasant task in winter, with the warm quilt covering your lap and the not much to do outside so that watching TV while you sew seems appropriate. I find sitting and watching television this time of year difficult, because I'd always prefer to be in the garden when the weather's nice. And it's been anything but cool, of late, so that I've been sewing on binding with the ceiling fan going full steam.

The quilt back leans toward Modern Quilting, perhaps, but was actually done out of necessity—I didn't have enough of any one fabric to make a complete back.

I'll be away from my computer for about ten days, so Pearl the Squirrel won't be updated for awhile. There may be an Etsy post while I'm away...keep your eyes peeled!


beth said...

Lovely quilt. Aren't you happy to have it completed?

Anonymous said...

Un edredón hermosa, brillante y soleado. ¿La gente edredón en España?

knitbysue said...

I, too, sometimes feel I should be doing more quilting on my quilts. But I convince myself to quilt for function and after the binding is on I can always come back and add more quilting. I never do, though.
Very pretty quilt.

Heckety said...

I just wandered across from your Etsy post, which was well interesting- some of the info about pearls I knew and some I didn't. Its always good to find out more about something- and yup! I love pearls too: I've a string of tiny seed pearls from my grandmother.
I like your quilt- very jolly- but your're glad to have it done and dusted...says she who wouldn't know 'done and dusted if it jumped up and bit her'!