Sunday, April 25, 2010

New camera and a newly green world

I can't help myself. I try not to resort to pictures of my garden, but right now it's impossible to ignore. The daffodils are done and the redbuds are nearly so, but it's still an amazing sight. I just love early spring, when the plants in their beds are so tidy, compact, and perfectly colored and formed. No insects have had a chance to lay waste to the foliage and even the rabbits have yet to wreak their usual havoc. I decided it was time to move beyond my point and shoot and bought myself a new camera last week, and between that and the scenery, I couldn't resist. Please forgive me. 


William said...

Absolutely fabulous garden. Thanks for sharing.

rObrak said...

Fantastic! That was a very relaxing moment, seeing a nice and fresh garden, that would be the best hang-out ever. As I have seen from the other areas, the environment are starting to become bald, the soil were drought, and the thirsty plants due to the excessive heat of the sun. Yet, I'm still hoping that they would turn out as fresh and lively as the garden that you have. How? We can do it by joining to groups of people who care for the nature. It will be an amazing experience indeed. Or you can also make a contribution on your own through unplugging the unused appliances, walking, use eco-friendly stuffs, and tree planting