Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Putting off til tomorrow...

I'm not procrastinating (really) but while writing one of my current projects one thing led to another and I stumbled across this blog. Check out the amazing work on Red Pepper Quilts. The blogger lives in Melbourne, Australia, and claims to have two teenagers (although in her profile picture she looks more like the mother of two toddlers).

I've had the pleasure of writing a couple of pieces about Australian quilters and designers Cath Derksema and Kristen Junor, aka Prints Charming (in the winter Quilts and More and the February American Patchwork and Quilting). Kristen and Cath talked about the way that their designs weren't constrained by a long quilting tradition and that their color sense was influenced by Australia's young culture and blue sky. Red Pepper Quilts seems to evoke that same spirit. Bright colors mixed with solids, graphic patterns, straight-forward quilting. I'm going to give her Pieced Scrap Border Quilt tutorial a try.

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Jodie said...

Rita from red pepper quilts is just fabulous - her quilts are so bright and fresh !