Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sewing without making a least in the room

So thrilled was I by my newly tidy sewing room that I was almost afraid to mess it up. Almost.

While clearing off the bed I found some fabulous home dec weight fabric that I'd bought a couple weeks ago at Common Threads. It's designed by Jessica Jones and sold through jcarolinecreative. Jessica has a blog I really enjoy, How About Orange, but I never realized she designed fabric. Peg at Common Threads had a couple of her fabrics and although I really liked Peapod best, I am not typically kind to my aprons and figured that the white circles wouldn't be white for long. So I opted for Leaflet.

I used a Simplicity pattern I'd gotten a few years ago to make aprons for my camp buddies. My only problem came when I realized that I'd cut the apron out with the leaflets facing down. I tried to decide if this was critical—did the springy leaflets now look like the droopy leaves of autumn? Did they seem depressed? Would it affect my ability to cook cheerfully? I finally convinced myself that this was more flattering—when the leaflets pointed up they accentuated "the girls" (as Stacy and Clinton would say) and that pair need no accentuating. Instead I decided that the subtly rounded shape of the upside-down leaves was as flattering as all get out.

And the first meal I made using it was cheerfully received by all.


Maggie said...

Can you have a blog contest and auction that off? I LOVE it! Like, the first commenter gets it?

Anonymous said...

who's that hottie in the apron?

oh wait, it's me.

AnneR said...

I was about to say, I don't think that's a camp friend modeling the apron. :-)

I think you need to come to FW to see Clinton in person with me on 4/24.

lkm said...

Yes, the anonymous hottie model is younger daughter, Rebecca. And older daughter Maggie has made clear what SHE wants for Christmas! Maybe I'll even make it one with the leaves right-side up!

BK said...

Recognized Rebecca right away - the hair gave her away. Delighted to see Emily's photo on your blog - Good Work.


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